Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 99 of 366

Happy Easter!

Day 98 of 366

We had another movie night tonight. The show tonight was The Adventures of TinTin.

Day 97 of 366

Today we went on a hike. It was cold. Very cold. As in only 32F when we left our van. Once we got to our stopping site, the kids were freezing. The were very happy to head back to the van after lunch. The van said that it was 39F then.

Day 96 of 366

Today was the egg hunt at DH's job. All 3 kids had a blast.
These are not photos of my kids...just of an egg hunt.

Day 95 of 366

Today the kids and I stuffed eggs for the Easter party tomorrow at DH's work.

Day 94 of 365

Today I made a double batch of banana bread.

Day 93 of 366

Today I took the oldest 2 to the dentist.

Day 92 of 366

Today we finally went to the Five Guy's that opened in January. We all loved it.

Day 91 of 366

Today DH bought me a backpack for hiking.

Day 90 of 366

The youngest and I went to the grocery store for our bimonthly shopping trip

Day 89 of 366

Today was a one step forwards, three steps back kind of day

Day 88 of 366

It was a quiet day. This is a picture of the calendar that my DH got me this year. I started buying different calendars like this when we lived in Germany. 7 years later and we still do it.