Sunday, February 2, 2014

Around here

So, the last time I wrote, it was about our upcoming move to our new state.  We had no issues with clearing our house in Georgia other than the realtor forgetting all about our move out inspection.  Luckily, he was able to send out one of his coworkers to go through it quick and we passed with flying colors.  We spent that night in a hotel in town and left early the next morning to head home to visit family.  Driving to the hotel was my first time to pull a trailer, so it was an experience.  We left our hotel early, and had no issues driving through Atlanta.  Things were going great until we stopped for gas in Calhoun (I think it was).  The side of the van was oily, but I figured it was road grime.  We hop back on the interstate, and my check engine light flips on.  My husband and one of our kids is ahead of me pulling a trailer too, so he goes ahead while I limp along to the next exit stressed to the extreme.  Luckily we were able to find a kick butt mechanic that was willing to stay late on a Saturday to help us out.  We found out that they never hooked my transmission cooler up properly in NY, and when I was in the accident in February (lady ran a red light and did over $10,000 worth of damage), they never replaced any of the hoses that had a couple of nicks in them.  3 hours later we were able to get on the road and continue heading north.  We had no issues getting to our hotel (same one that I had stayed in June with my parents outside St Louis).  We had breakfast the next day and got on the road only to deal with wind and only getting 12 mpg for mileage.  I was so happy to pull into my in-laws in South Dakota that evening and be able to relax.
  We did spend about a month visiting family, seeing new things, visiting the Omaha Zoo before we headed south on Halloween.  Our trip to Arizona was quiet with no hitches at all.  We rolled into our new town on Nov 1st happy to be out of the car again.  The next day we found our house (we knew the house number before we even left the north), and explored our new "home".  We moved in, got the kids in school, and managed to unpack with barely any hitches.  The biggest ones we had to deal with was a child needing a shot before they started school, and us missing a couple of things that we still haven't found to this day (they are replaceable). 

I'll post some photos the next post with our trip home, and then try to catch up with the blog.