Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Arizona to parts north

Day 1
We left here the day after Memorial Day to head north.  We left early in the morning and headed to Okahoma ~ our first nights stop.  We had no issues traveling, and were able to skip using the a/c for most of the trip.  We would make gas stops as our bathroom stops, and would purchase a large cup of ice and a couple of bottles of cold water every 3 or so hours.  Day one was about 14/15 hours in the car for us (google says a 12 hour drive with no stops).   We were all extremely overjoyed to see green grass once we hit New Mexico & the Rio Grande River. 

Day 2
This started out as a much more relaxed day.  It was only suppose to be 8 hours of drive time.  We were able to stop and see our old houses in the Fort Riley, KS area, visit the PX (military version of Walmart but no food), the Commissary (military grocery store), and see how the area has changed since we left in 2010.  We then traveled onto Fort Leavenworth, KS and met my parents there.  We spent the night on post.

Day 3
We got up the next morning to go see the King Tut exhibit at Union Station in Kansas City, MO.  We all liked it except for my preteen (she is getting to the age where she doesn't like anything).  It was fun to hear about how Howard Carter and his group found the tomb and all of the stuff that was inside it.  All of the items at the exhibit were reproductions since the originals are too fragile to travel.  After we were done, we went over to the Science City, the science museum inside Union Station.  The kids all had a blast being able to touch stuff, move around, and play.  Once we were all able to get some energy out, we had a quick lunch by our cars and headed north.  I went to my in-laws in South Dakota, while my parents headed back to Minnesota. (click to enlarge photos)
When they unwrapped King Tut, these were found on his fingers, toes, and feet (these were copies)
This is a copy of the Throne that they found in the tomb


So, I never did get around to posting photos from our move.  We have since made another trip back north during the summer, and started school several weeks ago.  Life here is crazy busy with band lessons, scouting, and other activities that happen in a family.