Thursday, September 19, 2013


We knew when we moved to Georgia in January that we would be moving yet again this fall.  Only, we didn't know where to.  This summer while we traveled to Minnesota, we found out we were going to South Korea.  We were overjoyed about it, and couldn't wait to fly.  The kids and I jumped through hoops to get all of the medical junk done that needs to happen to go overseas, and we submitted it only to sit and wait.  And then wait some more.  We finally got our answer the Friday before Labor Day that we were denied because of my youngest child's therapy which ironically, they had just received his discharge papers from it the day before.  We got to sit the long week in limbo waiting to see what was going to happen.  The orders gods were on our side this time, and we got our orders last week.  We have already scheduled our move, have dates confirmed, schools have been notified, house almost all dejunked, and our gaining duty station has been notified that we are coming to live there.  Heck, we are already on the housing list and are #1 (this is a huge deal and extremely rare).