Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sept 17- Sept 23

Just trying to get caught up more.
Sept 17th ~ What is one thing you've always wanted to learn how to do?
        I think that tatting would be fun to learn if I could sit still long enough or pillow/bobbin lace would be cool too.   Both are a dying art form that are beautiful.

Sept 18th ~ Share 3 different ways to cook squash, potatoes, or another type of fall produce.
         I've always done squash in the oven ~ wash, poke holes, place on cookie sheet and bake for an hour or until soft.  Then slice open let cool some, scrape out seeds (toss them) and scrape out the flesh, mix with brown sugar and butter and eat.  Potatoes can be baked, fried (parbake them then slice and fry in butter), mashed, ect.  We aren't big potato eaters.  Carrots can be baked/boiled.  We like them candied (melt butter in pan and add sliced carrots (already baked) and sprinkle in brown sugar.  Cook until hot).

Sept 19th ~ Show us how to transition an outfit from summer to fall.
        Add a sweater, leggings, boots, ect.  Think layers.  I'm not the fashion person here.  Layers are always good in my book though.

Sept 20th ~ This one is about running a small business which I don't do.  I seriously don't have the brain power, energy or the creativeness to do so.  I'm just happy to get through each day without forgetting a kid or activity or anything else.

Sept 21st ~ Tell us about a new blog you recently discovered
         I haven't found a new one lately.  Any that I should be looking at?  Something that would help my creative juices to come back home?

Sept 22nd ~ No words ~ Draw something and show it off.
      Sorry, this one doesn't work either.  See the above post.  My creative juices have taken off and are on vacation.  If you find them, please return them.

Sept 23rd ~ What do you use notebooks for:
        Right now they are used to take notes when I go to meetings.  They are helping to get track of our popcorn funds right now from booth sales.  I have multiply ones around the house being used for different things.  Soon I'll be using one to track what I've gotten for my kids for Christmas just so I don't over buy and so they all get equal amounts.  Plus it tracks what I've gotten for everyone else too.

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