Monday, September 7, 2015

September 5th

Today is a subject near and dear to my heart ~ to to keep yourself organized as things get busier and busier.   With 3 kids and multiple things plus a busy husband, we are normally going 3 different directions. 

I personally have a planner that I found on clearance at Target that I'm using in my purse this year.  It has the whole month calendar along with the weekly part in it.  I am also huge on doing a printed out calendar that is on the fridge.  I normally try to have it printed out for a year in advance (yes, we plan out that far in this house).  I keep 2 months worth though taped to my fridge.  I have to tape it (painter's tape is amazing!) since the stupid fridge is not magnetic. 

Back to the calendars though, these are the ones I use:  LINK.  I use the monthly horizontal bigger version of our red, white & blue thin line.  They work great, are free, and have plenty of space to write all the info.

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